Nieruchomości, księgowość w nieruchomościach - Profit Solutions

Financial study

of investment real estate

Accounting and financial services

for building contractors

Professional advice for investors

and building contractors


  • Consulting in relation to various aspects of develpers’ activity
    • Joint venture agrement.
    • Development agrement.
    • Project financing.
    • Loan agreements with banks and other parties
    • Agreement with a general contractor
    • Land acquisitions.
    • Tax issues.
    • Cost control.
    • Relations and reconciliations with clients.
    • Assisting in project management
    • Management reporting
  • Financial analysis
    • Preliminary business plan
    • Profitability and sensivity analysis
    • Projected financial and cash flow reports
  • Statutory accounting
    • Accounting certificate number 8208/2004 issued by the Ministry of Finance in Poland to provide professional accounting services.
    • Overseeing client’s accounting staff
    • Consultant for chosen aspects of developers accounting and finance.
  • Helping foreing individual investors with maintaining tax records of rental income in Poland