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Financial study

of investment real estate

Accounting and financial services

for building contractors

Professional advice for investors

and building contractors


Profit Solutions supports companies in finance, taxes, and general consulting in relation to investing and Project management in Real Estate.

Adrzej Korab

Why Profit Solutions?

  • Specialization in real estate – combination of knowledge from various fields of expertise in relation to real estate.
  • Andrzej Korab, founder and director of

    Profit Solutions

    , has got knowledge and ten years experience very helpful at every stage of real estate investing process. Andrzej Korab has gained the experience while working for well-known companies, such as

    Tishman Speyer Properties


    Lehman Brothers

    , and

    Angel Group

  • Profit Solutions

    provides not only the professional accounting services, but also competent advise at every stage of investment process, starting with preliminary profitability studies through detailed financial planning till final reconciliation of a project.
  • Adjustable forms of providing services.